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How does this make sense?If the Alawites are loyal to Assad then there isn fear of a coup and Assad should be able to find at least 100 competent officers among the 2 million Alawites, maybe even a military genius or two. Or is this reason for the SAA weakness flawed and wrong?mi3lawKuwait 3 points submitted 11 days agoThere are many reasons to this. One of the most important ones, especially from a tech / new startup perspective, is the state of the stock market it is not large enough.In a nutshell private companies that can get really big (that is, big enough to IPO) don go to the Kuwaiti stock market because it too small, so won make them a lot of money.

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canada goose store Stir the bud and hit another session. cheap canada goose It not as intense as the first time, but there still a sufficient amount of THC left. On a strong strain of weed, you can even go back for thirds and catch a decent buzz. While Andromeda didn have near as much charm, the story wasn awful, the characters weren garbage and the atmosphere wasn shit, it just wasn as epic as the masterpiece that was ME2. The combat and worlds carried it though and I was able to accept that it an entirely different game and have a great time playing it. I genuinely pity anyone who has such a hate boner for it that they didn get to have fun with it, because there was a lot to be had.(spoilers for ME:A) the thing that kills me is that some person on Youtube sat down for 3 hours and wrote a outline for a plot for ME:A that was miles better than anything in that game. canada goose store

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