We literally have no idea, these are massive leaps

He tried to hand my nearly empty wallet back. «No, you keep it. You clearly need it. That just not correct though, even if it 0.01% to win on Nuke and 0.02% to win on literally any other map CoL DOUBLES their chances by not picking Nuke. Insert whatever more realistic percentages you want, I would guess that their chances on other maps could easily have been 50% 200% higher than their win percentage on Nuke. I think it crazy to assume that CoL had ZERO chance on any map, and I can imagine that the win% gained by «hiding» strats on a better map is worth sentencing yourself to the 0 1 bracket when you might be like 5% 15% to win on Mirage or Train.

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Canada Goose sale Louis, but id be living in St. Louis and it wouldn’t be as good for my family as my current city. I’m the highest earner among my friends’ group (because of hard work, natural affinity for math and science, connections, and savvy pay negotiations). Same sort of thing kinda happened with csgo. Played it a ton and got decent, and then became an asshat, so I stopped playing because I knew what was going to happen.Now I play games so i get good at them, and then rotate them out for other games so i dont risk going off the deep end like I did with league. It also helps with the burn out.Competitive games pretty much ruined my experience of other types of games until recently, where Ive been playing more casual games and single player stuff.Ever since I had stopped obsessively playing games, my mental health and physical health improved 100 fold.Ranks are just online numbers and badges people, make life your priority unless your the.0001 percent that makes it as a pro in any game Canada Goose sale.