Vice versa, some lucios stick with the team a lot more, whereas

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uk canada goose outlet If you know how the comp is supposed to work and then watch the small differences between the players it is pretty interesting.Some teams threaten the side of the enemy comp with brig in order to make them play defensively. A stun on a DVa or Rein can open up an easy grav or shatter.Other teams use brig to catch boop happy lucios who try to knock an enemy into their team.Vice versa, some lucios stick with the team a lot more, whereas others like Slime go more aggro and duel zens/go for the big play hoops.I just wish I would be able to queue up for certain maps or at least map types I want to play.OW is frustrating enough with all the shit that can turn your game into a mess, being able to suffer though 5 instalock DPS that spend the match more with fighting each other verbally than fighting the enemy in the ongoing game would be easier if I at least could do that on a map I like and/ or want to improve on.I personally am a sucker for KOTH maps while I absolutely hate 2CP, other map modes are meh at best and KOTH is what I play the game for.I mean, clearly, you can not have control over your teammates if you solo queue, but at least give people control over something.A role queue or map select could give people at least some control over their match rather than putting them into a highly frustrating matches where they don have control over anything over and over and over again.Like: I think I even would be fine playing whatever hero/ role if I could do so on my most favourite map.It won happen folks. They pros for a reason uk canada goose outlet.