The staff immediately had a PO on the train arrest me for

Drilling also has supporters, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R La.). «With this program, my constituents. Whose jobs depend on the energy industry can rest easy knowing that oil and gas development is a priority for this administration,» Scalise said. «With increased exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, we will be able to create more jobs and continue to receive revenue sharing that’s vital to rebuilding our coast.».

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canada goose uk shop One time, I chased the people that hit me. We went over 10 miles at high speeds on the freeway and I caught them. I forced them off the road and ran up and opened his door, yelling at the people in the car. Sure enough, the camera revealed me landing on her child after leaning in towards them, and the witnesses took her side that i was disturbing the peace. The staff immediately had a PO on the train arrest me for Disturbing the Peace, 2 counts of assault, 1 count assault of an officer, 1 count child endangerment, and 1 count of resisting arrest after i tried to attack the officer to make a break for it, to which my my ninjitsu skills somehow did not help. I knew I would not make it through court without some amount of jail time, so i decided «fuck it, why not» and punched out a bus window, adding another 4k to the fines and guaranteeing the my mothers doom. canada goose uk shop

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uk canada goose This might be in here already, but the push for $15 minimum wage was created and supported by the companies that would most negatively be affected: Fast food(McDonald shipping(Amazon Warehouse workers), etc to drum up negative public perception of these workers as entitled: «why should they get $15/hr flipping burgers when I making $25/hr doing » and «These jobs aren for supporting a family». Then, when they inevitably ask for too much, as they were secretly supported to do, make the switch to automation in virtually all these jobs. Public perception will be behind the Corporations standing up to the «entitles losers» and make the transition easier on the companies annoying ass AI that take at least 2 3 years of true, public use to perfect. uk canada goose

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buy canada goose jacket cheap (I been there, tried that. One got involved in a plot to help my ex kidnap/rape/kill me, one helped stalk me, one gaslit me and said I «just needed to get over him» when I mentioned the abuse my ex had done, one lived with my ex and thought it didn matter if he knew where I lived and my current email. The only mutual friend I had that turned out ok was a cop whom I wasn close to, and I confronted him last year and he hadn known how bad it was and apologized profusely and cut off contact with my ex.) buy canada goose jacket cheap.