The keys to early fights are to make sure you don end up with

You want to expand as quickly as possible, ally your starting rivals rivals, make sure you war leader as much as possible, promise land and give it in the first war or two but after that you can betray your allies and snowball everything. The keys to early fights are to make sure you don end up with the attacking penalty in the mountains. Make sure you win a battle then immediately start sieging any fort hopefully with a leader with some siege pips, you might have to break off the siege once or twice and beat their army again but it better than getting rekt in the mountains.

So say you vote for 1, and they get the least amount of votes, instead of your vote not counting anymore, it get transferred to who you said your number 2 option is. Recounted, complete until clear majority winner. You don have to vote anymore than rank 1, but people tend to continue at least a little.The bottom line is what very few people use, and it has party name AND politician.

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In fact, here’s a brief list of the different enemy types and their weak points. You’d be amazed at how quickly they go down canada goose jacket outlet sale when you know where to shoot (and deciding which order to shoot and WHEN to shoot them is as important). For example, as I mentioned in your other comment.