«That song was great! I wish I knew the name

Let me try to frame things a little differently for you. I going to go out on a limb and guess that because you are contributing to a subreddit centered on radical feminism, you not a Republican. But, if you an American, you probably know someone who is, and you may even be friends with a Republican.

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canadian goose jacket Voting. Do I need to say it was an R relative saying this? Or worse he’s 31.I see now they always WERE someone else’s army and have no intention of being anything else.If I had the key to jailbreak them? They would choose to stay in jail.theomorph 25 points submitted 14 days agoAnd, of course, their response is to claim that liberals do the same thing that liberals invented a right to abortion out of thin air (indeed that all rights are simply imaginary, unless given by God never mind the epistemological difficulty there), that transgender people are a bodily manifestation of socially constructed facts, that climate change is a hoax fully invented by scientists, and so on. Never mind the actual facts underlying these things (like the long, long history of women trying to take control of their reproduction, or all the historical and cross cultural evidence for the gender spectrum, or the mountain of data for climate change). canadian goose jacket

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