Sometimes it what gets me through the day

I pick one and plan to end the run there. Yes that means I have to use up one charge of memory every time I took a different path at a T or X junction. Yes that means I didn get as much «use» out of my memories as I could have. 1 point submitted 3 hours agoProblem a similar reason to why the United States (men) underperforms in soccer: it a newer sport without the infrastructure and culture that leads to the development of top players as compared to the competition. The first driving range opened the 80s. The first golf course opened in the 90s.

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Canada Goose Parka On top of this the a lot of the AI seem to be. I can only describe it as input watching. Oh your aimer is sitting over that yellow health enemy behind cover? Well you better be damn patient because it going to take a while before their head peaks. Example Zeus and Hera are probably more recognizable to a lay person in the English speaking world than Jupiter and Juno are. If you were to walk up Hollywood and ask random Americans what these names refer to, your answers would probably more often be «Greek gods, a planet and an indie movie about teenage pregnancy» and not «Greek gods and the Roman names for essentially the same gods.» Why is that? How were the Greeks able to saturate every culture after them, even after cultures who tried to (and honestly rather successfully) assimilate them have came and gone over thousands of years? Like a lot of things are named for Roman Gods (like the months and the planets) but most people don seem to know that or make the connection like they do for the Greek equivalents. 2 points submitted 2 hours ago. Canada Goose Parka

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