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My exhaust isn completely sealed right now so I been avoiding drive thrus. The opening is right before even the catalytic converter so any acceleration sounds are loud as shit. This is really helpful to know, though, because I always raise my voice and try to project at the speaker.

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My work is not stressful (right now) but I at a crossroads with my career and if I had the money (or could afford rent up here on a lower salary) I would quit tomorrow and happily walk dogs forever. My choices are either commit a lot of outside of the office time to stay in it and improve skills (while possibly still hating it) or walk away. And walking away isn an option.The monotony of if, and I think what you are calling office culture (even though I love my colleagues) is taking any of the joy I used to get out of it.I would love to quit, and be anything.

I do have some hermes lindy replica waiver issues. Fortunately I found a fake hermes belt black recruiting office willing to work with me despite all the hoops I had to jump through. I pretty far along in the process and can get approved in the near future. The rewards felt a lottle lackluster for a final dlc: Ardyns Scythe would have been a unique addition, also Somnus outfit would have been better. And add the hat to Ardyns outfit for Noct for christ sake.But now it over. Like for good.

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