Particularly in this case since you yourself are describing it

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For geode you make a cake and fondant as desired. Once cool cut a portion of the cake out to desired shape and cover exposed cake with buttercream to seal it. Use rock candy to stick crystals on (this will take a while and I had to individually place each one to make it properly stick) then place in fridge to get cold.

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This is beautiful. Just a few minor suggestions:You can probably fit a few more cities in Africa. I’d suggest Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Dakar (Senegal), or Accra (Ghana), and definitely Kinshasa (DR Congo), considering it’s one of the biggest cities on the planet.You left out Slovenia, the Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, as well as a few island nations in Asia and Africa, which wouldn’t really matter if not for the fact that you managed to include all the Caribbean island nations.Malaysia looks a little weird detached from mainland Asia.

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Teacher comes into class, asks the students where said student is. I reply loudly, that she has lice. Kids around me start laughing. Several bars and shops have specials for trainers and we also arrange «after party» events at places. This works out great for everyone, the trainers who want to relax with food and bev after an event (and sometimes during!) and the local places who make $$ off of customers that they normally would not have from a early afternoon time period on a weekend. Win win for everyone..

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