One wit suggests that if Google executives would merely Google

mtv’s latest show ‘siesta key’

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payday loans online Jeff Chester, director of the Center for Digital Democracy, observed in the wake of what happened that the Obama administration provided help to Google as it fought congressional and regulatory challenges to its market power.In fact, the Obama Google romance is a perfect example of crony capitalism in action, each hand trying to wash the other. Last week, in one telling example, Google announced that it would no longer carry advertising for lending companies, which the administration has targeted for extinction, describing loan advertising as and harmful and maybe even Payday lenders are often regarded as semi respectable loan sharks, but some economists say the industry fills a legitimate need, and putting them out of business could hurt the very people, running short of cash between paydays but unable to get a bank loan, which the White House says it wants to help.One wit suggests that if Google executives would merely Google lending and Google they would discover ample economic analysis arguing how mistaken Mr. Obama and his friends are about payday loans. payday loans online

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