My so called father did anything everything he could to NOT

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I always enjoyed the concept of calling oneself a student doctor for two reasons. Firstly, I think it is a boost to morale and ego to think of yourself as being special and having almost made it to your MD, rather than being a «medical student» like the nurses, hermes birkin 55cm replica pharmacists, etc. Sure, it comes off as pretentious, but when physician burnout is a serious issue, I’ll take all the morale boost I can get..

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high quality hermes birkin replica Also lol at «incels», arguing with sex really shows the IQ going on in your «amazing hermes birkin replica with box arguments». But yes I’ve had «sex». And that has as much proof and meaning now as it did when you assumed I hadn’t. You seriously cannot separate your sociopolitical environment from the art you make which is part of the many reasons why art is so freaking different the further we go back. Anybody that has read about the history of art knows this to be true.I also disagree with the assertion that propaganda can be art. Art is about expressing ideas creatively, the context of those ideas does not change the fact that it art.Expressing ideas in an application of creative skill, regardless of the ideas involved, is art.But i bite here. high quality hermes birkin replica

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Hermes Handbags When she finally got the guts to tell me it broke me as a person, we had talked about having kids together and had names picked out for them. It broke me more than anything she could have ever done to me, but seeing how fucked the world is I am glad I don’t have a kid right now but seeing this still hits me in that soft spot. Way to nail it with the depressing comic, I’m going to go pour myself two fingers of good scotch now Hermes Handbags.