It’s either self gratification or self sacrifice

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Meh. If you naked with a hard on chasing a hispanic hotel maid around the room as she shrieks in terror, yeah you probably went too far. I not going to condone Weinstein just because a lot of people went overboard/ witch hunting to a bunch of innocent men after that happened..

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But on things that don matter they spend everything because they basically a free, untouchable congressional job making, promise keeping part of the government. How else do you justify the many times they spent billions on tests (which ultimately go nowhere) to find a new vehicle replica hermes hac to replace the humvee/bradley/Stryker/abrams/m113/whatever else, the untold amounts of money for ships the navy keeps being forced by Congress, the millions they spent on failed uniform/camo pattern development/testing/rolling out/replacing for the Army infamous Universal Camoflauge Pattern, and, my personal favorite, the 3 or 4 «new infantry rifle» programs they started in the last 20 30 years to replace the M4 which go nowhere (we got the OCIW, the G11, the XM8, the HK416, and untold hundreds of other interesting guns out of that, exactly 0 of which replaced the M16/M4 in service in any meaningful way). And because they so untouchable, all of these companies who profit off of these tests realize that as soon as a contract is signed, hermes replica ring they can charge whatever the hell they like for the shit they sell, giving the actual servicemembers shitty pieces of gear made by profit maximizing companies who are in bed with many hermes birkin replica aliexpress congresspeople.