I think there an important distinction between «not guilty»

[Possibly Fake] Might have been stagedI had a screaming customer who was getting super unreasonable so i spoke a little more curt than usual. Demanded to speak to my boss. «I AM the boss». I think there an important distinction between «not guilty» and «exonerated». Exonerated means that it has been proven that you literally could not have done what you were accused/convicted of. You can be exonerated in the legal sense after being convicted of murder with shaky evidence by proving you couldn have done it, and you can be exonerated in the social sense by proving you were in New York when someone in Los Vegas swears up and down you raped them and the state filed charges, but no trial had commenced yet..

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canada goose coats on sale It cheaper to manufacture than its fancier carbon brethren and SpaceX instead wants to use a system to have the steel «sweat» as it re enters Earth atmosphere to keep it cool (as well as at least a bit of an ablative shield but I don know how the two will be incorporated).I hope that helps a bit at least.You were solid up until here, and it a tricky detail that is easy to miss.»Ablation» means some of the shield is actually heating up, separating, and leaving the object, taking some heat with it. Ablative heat shields are very common in aerospace, but they also require that they be replaced periodically (or every flight) as the wear out. PICA X, which is on the Dragon Dragon 2 capsules, is this type of heat shield.The goal with Starship is that it won need any refurbishment for typical flights, and that goal requires a heat shield that does not ablate. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose Women will die because of this law. That is a simple fact. Many women that should have had access to an abortion will not, and it will lead to unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, and potentially endangering circumstances for the woman down the road.. canada goose

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canada goose coats Does the double damage from Deadly Distraction comes before or after you add relevant modifiers like Sneak Attack, smite, critical hit and Warrior Also First damage? For Deadly Distraction, when you said the first time, is this a permanent thing? Once you proc it, you can never proc it again or is there a time limit? Is there any clarification on what an ally means in Dance of Daggers? The scale can get a bit crazy if War Jester is participating in a mass combat for example, even with non sneak attack damage.SethBlackwood [score hidden] submitted 2 hours agoFor theme, I named it the War jester instead of just jester rogue. The idea is that they are a living distraction, edging the line of suicidal in nature. Jesters are meant to be obnoxious and annoying IMO, though they can do performances.In terms of social mechanics, I had a bit where if they were performing then anyone who was watching them had a penalty to perception checks equal to your charisma mod, but I scrapped it last minute to avoid the problem of overturning canada goose coats.