I posted a link to 538 showing this

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Of course at that point there had been quite a few flips of red to blue and very very few blue to red. I posted a link to 538 showing this. I was told that it was fake news and I was blocked.. Response A(banning all semi automatic guns) happens. But then the Government takes it a step further, cause hermes replica handbags usa obviously the people want a reaction, so they implement replica hermes bags usa Response B(banning a book). Then there a backlash, so the government stops for now.

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First in terms of the DCEU the closest preceding film in terms of story and character would be Batman v Superman, a film that struggled to also reach the heights of its expectations but still managed to domestically open $70M more than replica hermes leather bracelet Justice League just last year ($166M). Then there Wonder Woman, who occupies 1/5th of the marketable team in the film yet her solo film this year opened higher than the team up film ($104M). Then of course there is comparing it to other films where the failure hurts even more.

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