I play keyboard live and I can tell you I 100% would not hop

No, there are a handful of political amatures spreading that idea, (and one or two people with beefs with scheer) but of course that nonsense. It an old enough trick there was enough evidence the first time to justify the PM stepping down, and if the evidence mounts then when you ask again and again it sends the clear message that there NOTHING that would make the PM step down and that he probably should have. Which actually is true this really is big enough that it would normally justify a prime minister stepping down.

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canada goose uk shop 6) I don’t care one way or another wether we have a wall at our border, but I’ve watched videos of hundreds people attempting to cross at once and there simply aren’t enough border agents to stop them. If border agents want a wall in certain places to deal with this situation, we should give it to them. I feel like the Dems have politicized this issue for no reason as they all voted for barriers in the past but now that it’s one of Trumps campaign promises all the sudden stopping a border barrier is top priority canada goose uk shop.