I did try to stop him before he quit talking to me

As we speak I am contacting the cops in my pocket across the USA and your IP is being stolen right now so you better patent that shit, maggot. The shit that sues you into the ground and makes you want to kill yourself. You fucking broke, kid. To me, they are perfectly just. I have paid my way, lived a moral life as an immigrant in this country and earned the respect of my peers. You the unjust one here advocating for more illegal immigration when there are millions upon millions who do it the correct way and put in their fair contribution to making this a better nation for you and I..

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canada goose black friday sale Department of Fun and stuff :P Might be you not reading this anymore but.I am sorry about GG. I did try to stop him before he quit talking to me, with the harassment and that nonsense. Told him to get professional help. Say what you want, Obama never talked shit about Republicans and conservatives the way Trump does about Democrats and liberals on the daily. They always reach back to like one thing he said in 2008 about people clinging to their guns and religion, and even then he was trying to sympathize and talk about where people turn to when they’re not seeing opportunities in their lives. Trump just fucking shits on every single person who’s not already on his side, and would rather stomp out criticism and stoke 99% support among a dwindling base than grow his tent and do the hard work of governing and being a president for everyone. canada goose black friday sale

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