I am teaching 10th 12th graders

I mean there was a lot of backlash when that whole «it’s okay to be white» sign/sticker movement went about it wasn’t even funny. If you watch vice or abc for like 10 minutes you feel like there’s going to be race war with a lot of the hostile messages people are putting forth. They’re a lot of whites that will roll over and take it just cause they wanna be freedom fighters, but a lot of white People are opening their eyes to the narrative that’s been perpetrated over the last 5 years..

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canadian goose jacket No luck. Two more tries? Nothing.Defeated, you closed the laptop. You figure you can just print some handouts and bullshit through everything. So far, I am on what you could call my second year teaching, this time I actually am with the class as just being the teacher and not having someone in the room to «guide the lesson». I am teaching 10th 12th graders, once a month on Confirmation, and the other 3 times we meet in the month are for general CCE, they do not have a curriculum or really any subject to cover. I know they do not know Church history, doctrine definitely not, and morality has been touched on by the parish I teach at but I am sure it did not even stick with the teens. canadian goose jacket

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