Here Kyle Lauletta we are going to draft you but guess what we

And imagine how many giants fans would tune in to watch their young quarterback, hoping he played well?How do reps matter in the AAF if your NFL team runs an entirely different playbook? If they have entirely different coaching schemes for players?That is deadly flawed. Here Kyle Lauletta we are going to draft you but guess what we won be the ones really coaching you and you won learn our playbook instead we are sticking you on this team with rejected NFL talent with an entirely different approach, philosophy, and playbook for you to develop! Those game reps matter way more than learning how to play for the team that drafted you because we saw you as a perfect fit for us not some random ass team in an entirely different league. But hey it benefits us greatly, if you get hurt in an AAF game we can just ditch you entirely and move on because you were already a late round pick haha don worry Kyle now you only have the AAF.How is that good for any of them? Seriously how? How is that shitty scenario better than «Hey Kyle we are drafting you prepare to sit for a long time behind our franchise QB and learn from him how to be not just a QB but a player in the NFL.

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