He says this is the biggest match of his career but it is also

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Jag ska utplna dig med en precision som sllan skdats i Skandinavien, sanna mina jvla ord. Tror du att du kan komma undan med att sga sn skit om Sverige genom Internet? Tnk om, danskjvel. Medan vi talar kontaktar jag mitt hemliga ntverk av spioner ver hela Sverige och din IP adress blir sprad just nu s det r bst fr dig att du frbereder dig fr stormen, danskjvel.

The fabric is pretty good. Someone knifed my bag in a petty theft attempt, and the hole did not get larger. I emailed them to show what it looked like, but since I a nobody who don care about Instagraming my travels or have a blog, they just sort of brushed me off.

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