He also uses words like «alpha» to describe himself

Vertical landing is not the hard part. That has already been done for a lot of landers for the moon and mars. It was obviously doable. There been enough that some people and some shops have had a decent go emulating past successes. When it comes down to actually grasping what happening with a flamefront ignited from two points at two times as it oxidizes fuel in a chamber with very complex(to describe mathmatically) geometry as it sweeps through 2 axis; there might be 2 dozen people in North America(excluding MNAO engineers) who really know what they talking about. I was lucky to know a person or two online who were able to provide a wealth of education covering virtually every aspect of those motor and their control with the exception of split timing.

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canada goose clearance sale I also have a leather purse, she has a pleather purse. Mine is from my mum and around 50 years old, still looks fresh. Hers is like 2 years old and looks very used, likely has to be replaced soon. Edit: after looking at this guys post history it clear that he a neckbeard. He posts on r/MagicArena, is apparently really into edging and discussing it (as well as discussing the purchasing of prostitutes to over as well as taking testosterone supplements to become more «alpha». He also uses words like «alpha» to describe himself, as well as Donald Trump, and also thinks Obama is «low t» meaning low in testosterone. canada goose clearance sale

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