Frankly, the people don’t care

He addressed this as recently as Wednesday, when he told reporters, «I got elected last time with the exact same issue… Frankly, the people don’t care.»). I called the medical supply company and they said I had a 30 day exchange window to select a mask. I went back in and talked to them about the troubles I was having with my current mask. They were really helpful.

canadian goose jacket This entire article reads like somebody who just trying his best to take down somebody not involved in the DSA, but the only research he did was to read his book; he also seems consistently disappointed with the fact that the book isn just page after page listings of the shitty parts of South Bend.throwback3023 1 point submitted 6 days agoI get that there is an over attraction to candidates that have the but to spend so much time attacking Buttigieg for creating an impressive CV and not on social issues is over the top. A normal person has nearly ZERO ability to influence or change structural flaws and underpinnings such as racial and economic inequality.The guy is young and has done a lot in those years. Pete is not a perfect candidate but this essay feels extremely disingenuous to me as most of the criticisms could be applied to Obama as well who made considerable progress in improving some of the United States inequities (obviously there are still a ton of outstanding issues but no man can do everything).throwback3023 1 point submitted 6 days agoAs others have said as long as you are doing what you are currently doing you don have much of a higher risk than any other non diabetic person as an A1C of 6.1 is very good.I had T1 diabetes for 27 years now and have zero complications and I haven been a model patient (although I have become much attentive in the past 5 6 years and have a similar A1C range +/ .5% depending on circumstances).Don stress about it and just try to manage one day at a time. canadian goose jacket

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canada goose clearance This is most needed in cases where children have conceived through rape. There are a litany of medical reasons that could kill both mother and child if the fetus is not aborted, so lose two lives instead of one? What if the mother has severe mental/physical illnesses that can be passed onto the child? Is it right to bring a person into this world who will only know suffering?I just wrote to Nick Boles. I know I not his constituent, but I wrote to tell him how it great to see a man stand up with the nation eyes upon him and say he resigns from the madness that the treasury bench and government have brought upon us. canada goose clearance

canada goose factory sale And then when it turned browse around this site out that the selfish asswipe had no shame and was going to fuck off and escape accountability, she went back to the stroller.It was in a fucking all way stop. For your baby killing scenario to happen, a driver would have to run over the stroller despite having fucking stopped in front of it less than 15 metres away. Your «baby in traffic» bullshit is fucking bullshit.To be clear an asshole blows a stop sign, and then fucking tries to cut off a woman pushing a stroller by driving into the opposing lanes of traffic, and then fucking books it out of there before anyone can get his plate number including nearly running over the woman for a second time canada goose factory sale.