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Fake Hermes Bags Picture: Getty ImagesSource:Getty ImagesThey needed only five minutes at Anfield before Keita opened the scoring from the edge of the box, with a deflected shot flying past Iker Casillas. A second hermes birkin replica cheap goal followed in the 26th minute when Trent Alexander Arnold hit the byline and Firmino slotted replica hermes bracelet home.Porto Moussa Marega, chasing a goal in a seventh consecutive Champions League games, had a trio of half chances easily saved by Alisson.Firmino blazed off target when a replica hermes belt uk third looked certain before the break but despite Liverpool continuing to press it never did arrive.happy, it the first game ahead of an intense second leg, Klopp said. Scored two wonderful goals and controlled the game most of the time. Fake Hermes Bags

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