Essentially the series comes down to Bob

CO2 emitted from factories/power plants/etc and going to be pushed higher into the atmosphere. Obviously not ALL of it will stay there and some of it will be absorbed by plants. How much I have no idea. Savard is playing like a man possessed and Kukan can slot in well enough in the bottom pair. If Murray is done for the season well let just hope the 3rd pair doesn get too much time on ice.The Jackets also don take penalties, they have allowed the fewest power plays against in the league, have a top 3 penalty kill, and gave up the fewest power play goals in the league at 30. If the whistles do stay away in the playoffs the Jackets avoid the best power play in the league which is only a good thing.Essentially the series comes down to Bob, is he in the zone or in his own head.

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