Because that is the right you have

Meanwhile, Sea Monkeys is the lowest seeded ship to ever make it this far (that was true in the last round, too, of course), and the first yaoi ship to do so as well (again, also true of the previous round). Either of this ships winning here would be unprecedented. They each be the first ship that doesn contain a member of Team RWBY (in fact, they also be the first ship to contain someone who isn in Team RWBY), Arkos would be the first het ship, and Sea Monkeys would be the first yaoi ship (and the first double digit seed).

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canada goose coats The recent criticism towards BFA is 100% deserved. I guess you must have just resubbed at an awkward time, it happens.Paquoon 3 points submitted 8 months agoI wish there were more to the story but thats all there was really, only thing not shown is their intial complaining in trade chat about the item/price. The person pretty much arced up after I traded the item, that was the thing that really set it off, that gap in the chat you mention was when I was searching the item on the AH and collecting it from the mailbox and trading it.Not too fussed about the whole thing, just more concerned for a person like that canada goose coats.