And you can just dodge out all the time

The reason is not all fire is equal, when years of scrub brush and all the little stuff accumulates, it burns HOT. That bump up in heat cooks right through the natural fire retardant properties of bark and such, and that when all that carbon re enters the atmosphere. But most naturally occurring wildfires only consume scrub and leaf litter and such from a much shorter period of accumulation, leaving a much healthier forest behind.

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uk canada goose That is Massive thought process, imo.That being said, it not like they suddenly become really strong and the fight plays out as if you were there.It really getting fucking rough on Heroic level shit. There always 2 3 grenadiers in each wave or phase of a CP or Mission, and they all shoot 2 3 grenades with precision, knock you out of cover, take off 1/3rd of your health (and whatever you lose from being knocked out of cover) in quick succession. And you can just dodge out all the time, because the second you leave cover, you take massive damage from single bullets, but cover to cover doesn really work when running away, only when advancing.God forbid there is a fucking Wall E bot in the mix, too. uk canada goose

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