And he makes his snarky comment just go ahead you will never

For example, in the Greek epic poem the Odyssey, the princess Nausicaa plays a game of beach ball with her girlfriends (see above). Paintings in ancient Egyptian tombs show ball games that look like field hockey and handball. In the Roman empire, the team game called harpastum was played for exercise and for military training..

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canada goose black friday sale It would have taken me just smoking my 3 wood and getting a good bounce to get there (one out of 1000 shot for me) and the sixsome was on the green so I asked my longtime playing partner Joey if I should wait or go ahead. And he makes his snarky comment just go ahead you will never reach them (side joke at me not being a long hitter) so I shrug step up and SMOKE a 3 wood that one bounced through their feet having all 6 of them turn to look at me with clubs and hands in the air profanities included.We had 4 and they had 6 so I was about to immediately start apologizing then my buddy Joey just goes into a mad rage screaming at them with his 1 club raised cursing about them having 6 and I just knew this was about to get ugly. Pretty sure they kicked my ball in the bunker (or maybe it rolled in there we did not see) while looking back at us and now deliberately taking their time while we awkwardly waited for them to clear the green then we finished the hole and come to our senses and head to the back 9 avoiding them on the next tee box. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose sale To take the profit motive away from key industries like say health care because health problems effect us all and everyone should get the care they need, not just the wealthy. In America 40 million are uninsured, we pay TWICE as much as other nations, we get worse health outcomes and most of the drugs were devloped using univeristy grants payed for by the people. In other countries we look like a nation which does not care for its own which is true Canada Goose sale.